Little Creek Farm



Little Creek Horse Farm


May I just come visit the barn?

Visiting hours are Monday through Friday, 9-5pm.  On arrival, you must sign in/check in with the Barn Manager, Joe Magnusson.  Also, before your visit please familiarize yourself with the Barn Rules and Safety information! Here are Directions to the barn.  

Is there manure available for gardens?

Please email for horse manure requests.

Are there events for the public at Little Creek Horse Farm?

Yes!  The Conservancy offers Spring Pony Rides, a Fall HorseFest with Demonstrations & Pony Rides, and a December Quadrille Performance & Holiday Bazaar.

Many other exciting things happen throughout the year! Please view our events page for updates of future activities!

I’ve heard you give barn tours?   How do I sign up?

Guided barn tours are available on select weekdays and weekends with advanced reservation.  Learn more and pre-register today!

Do you offer birthday parties?

Little Creek Farm does not offer Birthday Parties at this time.  For small group visits, however, tours are available through our “Hands on Horses Tours”.

Does Little Creek Horse Farm Offer Trail Rides?

No, trail rides or renting horses to ride is not an option at Little Creek.

The public can access riding services though our lesson based programs or other programs such as Stride Ahead which focuses on therapy sessions.

Who teaches lessons and how do I sign up?  How old does my child need to be for lessons?

Each of our instructors works independently and generally teaches people 8 years and up.

please directly contact our instructors for more information.

Does Little Creek Horse Farm offer therapeutic riding lessons?

Stride Ahead, Inc. is  a non profit organization offering Therapeutic Riding and other Equine Assisted Therapies at Little Creek Farm.

For all information or questions about their program, please visit

Can I board my horse at Little Creek Horse Farm?

For Boarding information, please contact Joe Magnusson, barn manager, at 404-634-3276.

Can I lease a horse?

All horses at Little Creek Farm are privately owned.  

Please stop by the barn Monday through Friday, 9-5pm, to check our bulletin boards (located at Restrooms at front of barn) or contact Joe Magnusson, Barn Manager,  for any availability.

Are there volunteer opportunities at the barn?

Volunteers are much needed at Little Creek Horse Farm’s various events throughout the year.

If interested, please send an email to

Stride Ahead also needs volunteers.  Please contact for more information.

If you have questions not answered here, please send an email to:

Thank you for your interest in Little Creek Horse Farm!

For questions, comments or to get more information about LCFC: please email:

2057 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur, GA 30033-4306

To visit Stride Ahead, please visit their website: